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social media keywords like, follow, add, connect rendered in 3D type

Social media is a part of many lives of people across the world. It is the way that we connect with family and friends from our many adventures that we embark on. There is always new social media being developed but it is not always just for connecting us in our personal lives, but can …

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Close up businessman signing documents.

Our job is to connect people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin Seth Godin, a former Vice President of Direct Marketing at Yahoo, makes a valid point about marketing in that it is about …

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Group of successful business partners in casual communicating at meeting in office

So your company has been struggling with the marketing department. You’ve hired a marketing manager but they aren’t sure where to start. You could initiate your search for the agency with a big company that has the the hip website where their offices look more like a play ground than office but their work is …

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business 639

As the previous blog post began to touch on, there are differences between communication and marketing. Once again, communications is how the marketing idea is delivered to consumers. Marketing will focus on ‘the who’ while communications focuses on ‘the how.’ This post will continue to describe the strategies in which communication and marketing can positively …

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