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Communication comes in a variety of forms. It is also the backbone to a successful marketing strategy. Communication allows a target audience to feel connected to how they are being targeted as consumers. Therefore, the relationships created through them become more meaningful to consumers.

With the understanding and integration of communication into your marketing strategy, you are able to find new means of communication to reach a wider audience and target them to buy or use your product. The new technology and capabilities that are being developed every day mean that companies need to stay up to date with their marketing strategies. Communication specialists have an understanding and wide knowledge of the abilities that each of these forms allow.

With meaningful consumer communication, consumers and clients are able to communicate their needs and desires from the company. The company is also able to understand what the client wants and how to improve their product. Communication connects the target audiences through various channels that allow marketing towards more specific audiences.

The function of communication is to create a message, select the channel in which the message will be distributed, send the message, and respond to feedback. The channels (or medium as described by the image below) can include television, radio, print, audio, and other traditional marketing channels.

Infographic Communication Blog


It is in the best interest to companies to use or incorporate communication into your marketing strategy. With the incorporation of communication within your marketing strategy is an investment in the success of your company and its product. Communication will enhance the strategies that may already be in place for the company and allow for positive growth. We communicate through various channels as people therefore the opportunities are endless.

Written by Megan Walsh