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We don’t recommend direct mail to our clients because it’s the business we are in.

Our company is in the direct mail business because it outperforms all other media, dollar for dollar.

You might think that the reason why our firm consistently recommends direct mail over all other methods of marketing would be because that’s the business we’re in. Of course, a Chevy dealer will tell you a Silverado is the best truck on the market. What other option does he have?

BUT, that’s the point we’re making. As a full-service advertising agency, we have every conceivable marketing option at our beck and call. We don’t recommend direct mail to our clients because we are a direct mail “dealer”. We are in the direct mail business because time and again, that’s what works best for our clients.

Our roots are actually in the newspaper business, and if paid print media was the best way to advertise your business, we would still publish newspapers. But in 2006, we saw a trend of declining readership and its affect on the advertisers who relied on them, and we printed our last paid newspaper. Two centuries of newspaper dominance had ended, and the future of marketing was upon us.

We’re not telling you that direct mail is the end-all marketing solution. The properly executed marketing plan actually combines several media, depending on your industry and consumer demographic. However, we continue to see companies pumping tens of thousands of dollars into the same newspaper or radio ads with little consideration to the actual performance of those ads or consideration of any alternative.

With economic uncertainty around every single corner now is the smart time to look at the options and weigh the benefits.

We know it’s hard to change your habits. If you look at the numbers with an open mind, we’ll make a compelling argument to switch things up a bit…or a lot.

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Written by chad@beyondmedias.com