According to a Direct Mail Association study in 2012, a $1 investment in direct mail had a predicted return of $12.18 across all industries, compared to a non-direct mail campaign, which only returned $5.26

On average, direct mail offers 1218% ROI…but we don’t like to be average.

In February, 2014, we launched a direct mail campaign for a used car dealer in North Dakota and the results were off the charts! When the final customer sign on the dotted line, his gross sales were an astounding 29.37 times greater than his initial investment. The gross profit was over 11 times that of the initial outlay. And, each customer came through the door with a copy of our mailer so our client knew precisely why they were there. We could track the results of his investment down to the smallest detail. He told us in his nearly 20 years of operation, this February (typically a lackluster month for car sales) was his best month…ever!

Now, that’s an extreme on the amazing end of clients success. Not every initiative can claim those phenomenal results, but most every one can claim better than average and positive results. Our goal is to beat the averages on a long-term basis.

How do we do that? Well, for one, we’re different from your typical direct mail company in one major way: we’re not actually a direct mail company at all. We’re a full service advertising agency which produces direct mail due to the success it brings our clients today. We carefully research each initiative prior to launch. We formulate projections based on real-time and historical data and we create a marketing piece from those calculations. Rather than printing a piece, sending and invoice and forgetting about it, we’re there throughout the process ensuring that every detail has been addressed and that every hiccup is remedied.

In short, we own our work from the initial campaign conceptual stages all the way through the implementation of the campaign. You will notice our presence throughout the process because we’re there. Because we care.

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