Direct mail delivers an average 1.1% to 1.4% response rate versus .03% for email or .22% for paid search.

It wasn’t that long ago when we all first started to hear the conversation that internet was going to destroy so many different business models. On top of that list of industries threatened was just about every other form of marketing media which competed with the internet.

There’s no doubt that the web has enjoyed explosive growth and has, indeed, changed the landscape of commerce for just about everyone.

If I were to ask you to name the one single company which represents the largest market share of the internet, would you guess Google®? If you did, you’d be in the vast majority because it’s true: Google® is a juggernaut internet presence.

The internet companies would want you to believe that you can replace all other forms of marketing with their product. And, that makes a whole lot of sense. With a $500 payment to a web design company – like ours – you can have a nice website showcasing your products and services. The problem is, how do people know to go there?

Well, one way to direct traffic is to use Google®’s Adwords. If you look at their marketing pieces, they paint a very pretty picture about the low cost of the service versus other forms of media, like direct mail. And, on the surface, it’s awfully appealing to imagine shedding tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars off your annual marketing budget.

BUT – have you gotten an Adwords coupon in the mail recently? We have. And we know a lot of others that have as well. Yep that’s right Google® uses direct mail to help sell Adwords.

(We even had a client bring one in to our office to tell us they wanted to switch to online advertising – we asked – Well, what are you holding? Their response: mail.)

Even the world’s largest internet companies rely on direct mail to deliver a specific message to a specific customer or demographic. If their product was the marketing savior, why must they use direct mail at all?

Why? Well, the answer is simple: it provides results. It works.

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