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June 29, 2016 Uncategorized No Comments

Social media is a part of many lives of people across the world. It is the way that we connect with family and friends from our many adventures that we embark on. There is always new social media being developed but it is not always just for connecting us in our personal lives, but can also be advantages towards our professional careers and companies as well.

Social media is one of the tasks that often is put on the back burner when marketing for a company. It is free and can be updated quickly – faster than a company website – and followers of that platform will be notified once they scroll through their feed.

Marketing is about connecting to consumers and finding a way to entice them to buy to buy your product. Social media does exactly that and allows them to communicate their positive and negative feedback through those platforms. This benefits both the consumer and the company because consumers are able to respond with their comments and the company can respond accordingly.

Another benefit of using social media platform is that users often post about their interests therefore it is easier to target those users as consumers based on their interests and advertise accordingly. An example being if users tweet about being excited to hunt, certain hunting organizations and manufacturers can advertise based on finding specific words.

In finalization, social media should be a part of every marketing plan for many reasons including how incredibly cheap it is to use it as a page, use the advertising to target consumers easily, quickly updated, and an easy source for consumers to give and receive feedback.

Written by Megan Walsh