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As the previous blog post began to touch on, there are differences between communication and marketing. Once again, communications is how the marketing idea is delivered to consumers. Marketing will focus on ‘the who’ while communications focuses on ‘the how.’ This post will continue to describe the strategies in which communication and marketing can positively affect consumer opinion.

In terms of advertising, marketing creates the message that announces promotions, benefits and features, unique selling, and place of sale. Marketers pay the most attention to selecting the type of media that match customer demographics. As for the communication aspect of advertising, the copy, artwork, and other aspects of delivering the message become the focus.

In marketing, social media is used for the who and communication uses it for the how. Marketing allows for the understanding of a particular audience of social media and communications will focus on the messages sent to those people such as content and generating traffic to your company websites.

Promotions are the driving force behind motivating people to try your product and hopefully become attached to what it has to offer. The types of promotions should align with your target consumer, product position, and help you build your image as a company. As for the communications aspect of marketing a promotion, it includes the announcement and execution of the promotional material in that it makes the marketplace aware of what is happening.

Public relations is the act of communicating to media what the company has been doing recently and how it affects the marketplace. The marketing plan dictates the message sent and the communications department of your business distributes that message. Communication efforts promote coverage of updates to the company by creating print content, direct mail, running promotions, and generating traffic to the company website with a section that allows public conversation.

Communications and marketing are better to be conducted together but understanding the importance of both is key to creating a working marketing plan. The two are very much intertwined and allow for growth in the many areas of marketing.

Written by Megan Walsh