May 16, 2016 Strategy No Comments

Beyond Imagination Marketing Strategies is comprised of experts in every field of communication ready to fulfill every need our client could imagine. Our in-house production department allows use to complete the last minute jobs with both quality and efficiency. We are a firm where our client’s success is not determined by their marketing budget.

We offer effective, custom-tailored solutions – not cookie-cutter strategy.

Unlike most typical design agencies, Beyond Imagination Marketing Strategies holds expertise and experience in almost every single aspect of marketing – including business management and economics. Most of our clients retain our services for less than $80 per hour, billable in five-minute increments. In lieu of, or in addition to, employing a team of marketing specialists with specific skill sets, they use our firms wide net of talent to accomplish their marketing goals.

It’s great if you already have a marketing department as we like to think of ourselves as a support staff. We can ease their burden and simplify the way they execute their ideas and strategies.

We believe that marketing needs to capture the audience’s attention. However, we believe that’s only the very first and possibly the smallest part of the interaction. Not only do we have creative teams to create something new, but we have production teams which understand how to bring your ideas to fruition.

Within Beyond Imagination, we are a house of ideas, printers and producers, web developers and SEO specialists, photographers, and construction contractors. Most everything you need will be under one roof. That means that you pay or one line of profit margin, not several, which creates substantial savings.






Written by Megan Walsh