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So your company has been struggling with the marketing department. You’ve hired a marketing manager but they aren’t sure where to start. You could initiate your search for the agency with a big company that has the the hip website where their offices look more like a play ground than office but their work is mediocre. You could also go for the company that serves beer on Friday’s and their staff is freshly graduated with reputable clients such as Oreo and Aquafina. I am going to give you a couple reasons those are typically the wrong move for your company.

While hiring an agency might sound tedious, it takes great tasks from your hands and puts them into someone else’s, allowing you to focus on your business. Smaller marketing agencies are successful and create an environment where we allow you to voice your opinions and cultivate your ideas. The following are reasons why a smaller company is much better for your marketing assistance.

  1. Hands-on assistance – in anything you may have questions about or implementing new strategies. Smaller agencies off an all team/all in way of thinking where everyone has a voice therefore allowing for the generation of more ideas and discussion to create the best strategies of marketing for your business.
  2. Innovative thinking – Large agencies often get caught in repetitive patterns for their clients but with using a smaller agency, the thinking is unique to your business goals and aspirations. The individualized plans will be tailored to your needs to grow your company.
  3. Caring about each client – This idea goes hand in hand with these first two but with choosing a small agency benefits you in that your ideas are new and individualized to your needs in the marketing department. New content is created for each client instead of using a template for each company. Smaller agencies are also quick to respond and fulfill your desires in a timely manner.
  4. Understanding from start to finish – Smaller agencies will work with you to see the implementation and production of your marketing material and strategies and ensure that everyone is on board and alright with the happenings!
  5. Full capability – Agencies that are smaller typically have a wider variety of vendors available to fulfill marketing dreams of companies. If agencies can’t create a product in house, they have a vendor that can!


Beyond Imagination Marketing Strategies fully believes in the values of hiring a smaller agency and we are here to help you in any way possible to fulfill the marketing strategies and tactics necessary to grow your business!

Written by Megan Walsh